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Cahootsing hyenas - Which Astrology sign fits you? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Which Astrology sign fits you?

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Cahootsing hyenas [Jul. 15th, 2006|02:44 am]
Which Astrology sign fits you?


Yourself in 5 words.
Eccentric. Intellectual. Strong. Stubborn. Pessimistic.

How you act at home. I tend to always be keeping myself busy with some activity, whether it be reading, listening to music, watching a movie, cooking something, playing videogames, playing with the robots or animals, or hanging around outside picking berries, or working on artwork. It's kind of my hiding place. It's not exactly clean, but it is comfortable and I try to keep things organized to a certain degree.

Your creative drive. Moderate, although I have talents with subjects considered creative endeavors, such as drawing, playing guitar, singing, making stuff. While I love doing creative things, my actual drive to do them isn't all that large, unfortunately.

Your sexual drive. Nonnnn-existent. Really. I consider myself to be asexual.

The type of friends you make. Weird, eccentric, the underdog types. Artsy intellectuals. Music-lovers. Those with a sense of adventure, are geeky, or love electronics/robots/cars.

Your poison. Hot cocoa! Anything spicy (especially habanero, and Indian food). Llamas and alpacas.

What you find beautiful in this world. Most animals, nature in general, robots, certain cars.

Your goals in life. Get my biology degree, find myself an awesome career in the science field (or art field), finally move somewhere with a cool rainy year-round temp, be able to travel a lot, make lots of weird, interesting friends and maybe have an adventurous traveling sort of guy around who didn't need me to be there 24/7.

Which career you would like. Something in science, hopefully animal-related in some way. If not, then working with the environment. Or maybe scientific illustration. Or research.

What type of person you're attracted to. First off, one who gives me the large amounts of space I require. Someone kind of geeky, very intellectual, yet with a respectful, caring side as well. Someone who is there for my crappy days as well as the great ones. Also someone versatile, lots of interests, is up for anything. I can't stand a homebody that'd rather stay indoors to watch TV and cuddle.

Your work ethic. Slow to start, but once I've begun a project, I don't know when to stop unless there is a definite finishing point.

Your view on material wealth. I wish I was less materialistic. I'm not hugely, but I am somewhat drawn to stick with my current possessions. I think it's a pain. I dream of being able to handle a more minimalistic, simple lifestyle.

Your positive traits. Once you've shown me that you're trustworthy and kind, I can be a loyal caring fun friend. I'm extremely hardworking, very strong emotionally as I've been through a lot, and have a quirky dry sarcastic sense of humor that some people find downright hilarious.

Your negative traits. Have a tendency to be way too introverted sometimes and get lost in my own little world, forgetting others exist. On my worst days I'm the ultimate pessimist, and can be really cynical. Also a bit of explosive anger that slow-burns until it ruptures.