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astrologyrating's Journal

Which Astrology sign fits you?
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*You have to join the community to vote and be rated.
*No asking to be a sign. You are what you are rated.
*You can use any astrology. Vedic, chinese, western...it doesn't matter.
*You must fill out the application I give you.
*You have to wait one month before reposting your application.
*Don't cause conflict by being rude, etc: If you are a troublemaker, you'll get a warning before getting banned.
*Use lj-cut (under help section). Put "Cahootsing hyenas" as subject to make sure you read this.
*Try keeping your votes to 3 at maximum
*Read the application before voting
(Copy and paste application under lj-cut with answers and link)



Yourself in 5 words.

How you act at home.

Your creative drive.

Your sexual drive.

The type of friends you make.

Your poison.

What you find beautiful in this world.

Your goals in life.

Which career you would like.

What type of person you're attracted to.

Your work ethic.

Your view on material wealth.

Your positive traits.

Your negative traits.