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Cahootsing Hyenas! [Nov. 21st, 2006|08:58 pm]
Which Astrology sign fits you?


Yourself in 5 words.
Humorous, caring, mischievious, playful, eccentric.

How you act at home. At home I'm usually very witty and constantly cracking jokes or teasing. I do my own thing away from everyone else (I love my family, but I love my private-time, too.) I'm often getting nagged at since I'm irresponsible, apparently. I just nod and agree so it doesn't start a fight x_x; I dunno, I probably seem very laid-back and uncaring (tough I do care, very much so!) I constantly have my mind on something.

Your creative drive. High! I'm constantly pondering one topic to the next or doing research on something I'm interested in. I'm always doodling or doing something artistic.
Your sexual drive. Medium to high, I just don't make it obvious xD

The type of friends you make. This is hard. I have friends from almost every clique. They're all pretty different. I seem to attract alot of EMO-oriented people xD

Your poison. Coke, Mountain Dew, Coffee

What you find beautiful in this world. Water, cityscapes, etc. Anything can be beautiful really. 

Your goals in life. To obtain my dream career and travel the world!

Which career you would like. Something artistic. I seem to excel in writing, so I wouldn't mind being a novelist. Acting's alot of fun, too! x3 Hell, I'll even be a clothing designer!

What type of person you're attracted to. Fun, intellectual, not too clingy, caring, someone I can discuss life with but also joke around with.
Your work ethic. I'm such a procrastinator, but once I get started on something I'm interested in, I try to see through to the end... well, until I get bored >>;
Your view on material wealth. I admit, I'm a bit materialistic, but I'm only human. But I do appreciate the little things I get from people who care.

Your positive traits. I'm good at listening to people and helping with their problems. I love making people smile and I'm rather playful :3 I don't give into peer pressure easily, either. I'm just stubborn like that. If there's something I absolutely don't won't to do, I will not do it, and no one can make me :P I'm really easy-going, so I hardly hold grudges, unless it's really personal. For some reason people think I'm not listening half the time, but in fact, I'm a master eaves-dropper xD I love teasing my friends relentlessly (I'm sure they've wanted to knock me out for it a few choice times >>;) which makes me hardly ever serious :P

Your negative traits. I'm pretty passive and shy (though I usually put up a happy-go-lucky front), so it's hard for me to stand-up for myself unless someone I love is mistreated (I hate fighting.) I often feel inferior. I could really care less what anyone says to me, even if it hurts, because that I can deal with. I'm quiet around people I'm not familiar with, so it's hard for me to say my opinion. I've been told I can be really aloof and seemingly careless >< I lack motivation unless there's something I really want to do. I get bored and lose interest in things reeeally easily and I have a short attention-span x_x; I think that leads some people to thinking I'm slow or dumb, but I'm honestly smarter than I look xD; My mind wanders from thinking so much I just get dazed xD My self-esteem isn't at it's highest, either. I always think that I'm disliked for one reason or another, even if I don't do anything.  How I act really depends on where I am. I guess I kinda have a split personality and I'm rather random >> I'm really sensitive to a point, so when I see some kind of tragedy on tv or within my family or friends I'll likely get really emotional. It's the same if someone hurts or insults me, except I'll pretend it doesnt bother me, but I'll really take it to heart. I'm terribly unorganized so my room looks like a ship-wreck xD If everything was in order I'd probably never find anything >> Also, I'm sneaky. At home or at school, If I break a rule, I'll likely get away with it. Sometimes I do just to see if I can! (I blame boredom.) xD I'm not bad, I just do things my own way, I guess. When I do get really mad, I usually won't shout, just give hints in a subtle or quiet way (like glaring or slamming things.) I'm rather afraid of getting involved with anyone romantically. I'm not sure why, though (It's something I want, but try to avoid. -scratches head- o.o) I'm more likely to run from my problems then face them :/


From: dapclyps
2006-12-26 03:05 pm (UTC)
Split-personality, playful, liking intellectuals, good at writing, easily bored, diversity of friends....I don't need to go on.
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[User Picture]From: afro_kid
2007-10-23 11:02 pm (UTC)
gemini (:
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